Let me introduce myself...

I've been married for over 21 years. Yes, long marriages do still exist!

I have two amazing kids

I've rehomed 4 dogs over the last 20 years, and the latest one is a bit of a tinker!

I try to keep myself in shape by doing HIIT training and walking; makes doing wedding photography possible (it's harder work than people think!)

I have been a photographer most of my adult life, starting in the late 1980s and professionally since 2007. I am also a software developer. Weird right?

I shoot with the V-System Hasselblad, mostly, for both professional and personal work. I even take it up onto The Kinder Plateau and similar places in the middle of winter!

I do shoot weddings for referred clients, priced on a per-client basis.

I am increasingly focused on studio portraiture these days. I adore mother and baby photoshoots because babies and mums (and Dads!) make the perfect subject to photograph. And they truly value photographs that depict them as they are in that moment where those early weeks and months are captured for generations.

Studio session fees can be found HERE but they typically range from around £750 for a deluxe shoot with professional hair and make-up, down to £250 for a more simple shoot, depending on specifics.

I am happy to photograph established or aspiring models too, if my style is suitable to him or her. So I offer a range of services.

If you want to know more about me or my services, just reach out to me - message me

Your photographer without his Hasselblad in his hand! A rare scene

Me, photographing Kinder Reservoir in Dec 2023