Mother-and-Baby Studio Photoshoot - Derby

When new mum Macey enquired about a photoshoot in what was (then) my new studio setup with her baby Tommy, I was all too excited to get started.

I had met Macey some years earlier, whilst photographing a destination wedding in Ibiza. She had heard of my new studio setup in Derby was keen to get some photographs of Tommy before he got "too old" for it! He was, at this stage, 6 months old.

A lot of people these days seem to be on the "newborn photography" wagon. I get the impression it is the current done thing for new mums. Hey, trends come and go. And there is nothing wrong with wrapping a baby up in a swaddle to make it look like a cute egg and placing it in a plant pot. I see the appeal. But I must admit reader, this style is not for me and if you were hoping for that from me, I am sorry to say you will not get it. I am about real-life moments with mum and baby, and for me, this means more often than not that both the mum and the baby feature in the photograph. It is not essential of course, but the bond between baby and mother is incredibly strong and one that must surely be photographed.

By using lighting creatively, even the most anxious, self-conscious new mum can be lit to look remarkable.

My time with Macey and Tommy in the studio was memorable for no negative reasons at all. He was a pleasure to be with, smiling and happy throughout. Even the bursts of flash did not bother him in the slightest. And Macey was all too happy to follow my direction and we got some spectacular photographs.

Below is a small selection of some of the highlight photographs of them.

A brief Behind the Scenes look at this studio collection in the making